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Spiritual reading is key for growing in the spiritual life. Life is too short for bad books. Below you will find a short but growing list of recommendations to assist you in gaining greater closeness to Almighty God.

  • Bible (Douey Rheims, Fr. Knox)
  • Introduction to the Devout Life ~St. Francis de Sales
  • Life of Christ ~Bp. Fulton Sheen
  • Baltimore Catechism no. 3 or 4
  • We Believe ~Msgr. Gilbey
  • Theology and Sanity ~Frank Sheed
  • Three Conversions in the Spiritual Life ~Fr. Reginald Marie Garrigou-Lagrange, OP
  • He Leadeth Me ~Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ
  • Ser o No Ser Santo ~P. Antonio Royo Marín, OP
  • Conversation with Christ ~Peter Thomas Rohrbach
  • Saint Among the Savages ~Francis X. Talbot, SJ
  • Catholicism and Fundamentalism ~Karl Keating
  • Nothing Superflous ~Fr. James Jackson, FSSP
  • The Voice of the Church at Prayer ~Fr. Uwe Michael Lang
  • The Spirit of the Liturgy ~Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
  • Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma ~Dr. Ludwig Ott (good reference book)
  • Confessions ~St. Augustine

You can browse and purchase a variety of books other materials about the Latin Mass, Lives of the Saints, Catechetical material, and more.


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Novena to the Immaculate Conception
Novena to St. Cecilia
Litanies to the Sacred Heart
Litanies of Loreto
Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Prayer of the Confraternity of St. Peter [EN, ES, LAT]