Announcements Feb. 13

Announcements Feb. 13, 2022

+ Kneeler pads are available for purchase at the office. Each pad is  $5. Las rodilleras están  disponibles para compra en la oficina. Cada almohadilla cuesta $5.

+ A Girls’ Day Camp will be offered on Feb. 19th and 21st for more details, please contact Nicholla Arriola, 915-849-6550 or  Habrá un  Campamento para Muchachas  el 19 y 21 de Febrero para mas información comuníquese con Nicholla Arriola, 915-849-6550 o . El campamento será en Ingles.

+  1St Holy Communion:  If you are a parent looking to have your child receive his/her First Holy Communion, please prepare them with the ‘New St. Joseph First Communion Catechism’ (Blue Edition).  Please ensure that the candidate for the sacrament know the contents of this catechism very well.  Word-for-Word answers are encouraged.  Please register them with the office and the priests will assess them as we get closer to the date (TBD May/June).  Beginning early ensures less stress as we approach the date. 

Diocesan Second collection for Priests’ Retirement

          Upcoming  Parish Calendar
Feb. 13Septuagesima
Feb. 19, 21Girls Day Camp with Sisters
Feb. 22Feast of the Chair of St. Peter

Mass Intentions

Fr. O’Neill Mass Intentions

Sunday           Pro Populo 

                         Angela Neill                                                                                                

Monday         Esmeralda Lopez                

Tuesday         Rachel De Anda  +

Wednesday     Rachel De Anda  +

Thursday       Phillipe & Stella de la Rosa +                                      

Friday             Efrain Pineda                                                                                               

Saturday        Justin Castro

Fr. Dalimata Mass Intentions

Sunday                Lilia Haymour

Monday               Radelescu Family

Tuesday               Radelescu Family

Wednesday         Radelescu Family

Thursday              Hudson Family

Friday                   Hudson Family

Saturday              Hudson Family                                           

   Parish Prayer Intentions

•Mark De Anda

•For the faith of our children