Announcements Jan. 20 ,2022

+Please see the back page for Purification blessing of candles details. Por favor vean la pagina de atrás para los detalles de la bendición Purificadora de la velas.

+ Thursday, February 3, is the feast of St. Blaise. We will have the blessing of throats in honor of St. Blaise after Mass and the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

+ This week there is a First Friday, with Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament after 6:30 pm Mass until about 10 pm. All are invited.. First Saturday follows. Esta semana tendrá Viernes Primero, con Exposición del Santísimo Sacramento después de la Misa de 6:30 pm hasta cerca de las 10 pm. Todos están invitados. Seguido del Primer Sábado.

+ Kneeler pads are available for purchase at the office. Each pad is  $5. Las rodilleras están  disponibles para compra en la oficina. Cada almohadilla cuesta $5.

†  1St Holy Communion:  If you are a parent looking to have your child receive his/her First Holy Communion, please prepare them with the ‘New St. Joseph First Communion Catechism’ (Blue Edition).  Please ensure that the candidate for the sacrament know the contents of this catechism very well.  Word-for-Word answers are encouraged.  Please register them with the office and the priests will assess them as we get closer to the date (TBD May/June).  Beginning early ensures less stress as we approach the date. 

          Upcoming  Parish Calendar
Feb. 2Feast of the Purification, blessing of candles
Feb. 3St. Blaise, blessing of throats; bread,wine, water, and fruit after each Mass

Fr. O’Neill Mass Intentions

Sunday            Pro Populo   

                         Sergio Leal Martinez                                                                                 

Monday          Robert Gomez  +                       

Tuesday          Mr. & Mrs. Abel Aragon +

Wednesday       Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Ruiz +

Thursday        Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Von

                         Steuben  +                     

Friday             Mr. & Mrs. Shelton


Saturday        Chad Edward Keirns

Fr. Dalimata Mass Intentions

Sunday              Rosa Maria Rosales  +  

Monday             Neil Dalimata

Tuesday             Nick & Melissa Dalimata

Wednesday       Kevin & Deirdre Antene

Thursday            Luke & Danielle Nentwig

Friday                  Tyler & Celine Ament

Saturday              Jake & Jenny Dalimata