Announcements/Mass Intentions July 18


+ On August 1st the Sunday obligation to come to Mass will resume in the diocese of El Paso El primero de Agosto la Misa obligatoria de domingo se reanudara en la diócesis de El Paso.

+ Fr. Dalimata will give a class to introduce how to use the Hand Missal after the 12 pm Mass on Sunday the 18th.  The 2nd part on the more practical use of the Hand Missal will be held one week later (on the 18th). 

+ The new Province of North America for the FSSP has been placed under the protection and patronage of St. Joseph. La nueva Provincia de América del Norte del FSSP se ha puesto bajo la protección y patronaje de San José.  

Mass Intentions

Fr. O’Neill Mass Intentions

Sunday          Pro Populo          

Monday         Fr. Vierno

Tuesday         Fr. Vierno

Wednesday   Chiara Barrios

Thursday        Chiara Barrios

Friday              Chiara Barrios

Saturday         Laura Barrios

Fr. Dalimata Mass Intentions

Sunday                Bonnie Bum        

Monday                Andrew Dalimata  +

Tuesday              Andrew Dalimata   +

Wednesday        Carmen Huante

Thursday             Aiden Kiniery

Friday                   Benjamin Rodriguez

Saturday              Velia Eveler  +