Parish Announcements/Mass Intentions July 11


+ On August 1st the Sunday obligation to come to Mass will resume in the diocese of El Paso
El primero de Agosto la Misa obligatoria de domingo se reanudara en la diócesis de El Paso.

+ There will be a class to introduce the Liturgical Calendar in preparation on how to use the Hand Missal after the 12 pm Mass on Sunday the 11th.  The 2nd part on the more practical use of the Hand Missal will be held one week later (on the 18th). 
Habrá una clase para introducir el Calendario Litúrgico en preparación de como usar el Misal de Mano después de la Misa de 12 pm el Domingo 11. La segunda parte,  la manera mas practica de usar el Misal de Mano se llevara acabo un semana después (el 18).

+ Fr. Vierno arrived safely in Pennsylvania and accepted his new position as Provincial Secretary.
El padre Vierno llegó bien a Pensilvania y aceptó su nueva posición como Secretario de Provincia.

+ The new Province of North America for the FSSP has been placed under the protection and patronage of St. Joseph.
La nueva Provincia de América del Norte del FSSP se ha puesto bajo la protección y patronaje de San José.

+ We welcome seminarian Charles Ohotnicky to the parish.  He will help help out for the month of July.
Damos la bienvenida al seminarista Charles Ohotnicky a la parroquia. Nos ayudara en el mes de Julio.

 + 7 Second Rule: It is good that children learn the Mass and be
formed by it.  Young ones don’t always grasp the character of Mass and the proper way to be.  Kids get fussy, that is natural. Just as we needed at that age, they have to be instructed. Parents usually know
their children pretty well; a good rule of thumb is if you think your child *is going* to be vocally unruly for about 7 seconds or more, that is a good standard to judge whether they should be taken to the back of the church or outside. A parent should not think they are sinning by going outside even if this means they miss a bit of Mass.  For toddlers, though, going outside should not be a reward for misbehaving at Mass, otherwise they will learn the wrong lesson.  This church was built when ‘cry rooms’ weren’t a thing, but people managed alright.  To those around who do not have young children, patience and charity.  It is a good thing for children to come to Mass, even though they must be taught (by degrees) the better way to be present at Mass.  Even mature adults must work at attending Mass more perfectly

+ The diocese is continuing the 2021 Progress appeal.  Envelopes are located on the tables at the front and side entrances of our parish, and there are options to donate electronically as well.  Immaculate Conception’s 2021 goal is $23,920.  Thank you for prayerfully considering support of this campaign. 

Mass Intentions

Fr. O’Neill Mass Intentions

Sunday          Pro Populo

                        Irene Ortega +                  

Monday        Antonio Pena  +

Tuesday        Oscar Chavira  +

Wednesday  Joackim H. Vidal  +

Thursday       Bahrdi & Teuta

Friday             Fr. Vierno  

Saturday        Fr. Vierno

Fr. Dalimata Mass Intentions

Sunday             Rachel Spradley             

Monday             John Spradley

Tuesday           Charlie Spradley

Wednesday      Julie Spradley  

Thursday          Sally Spradley

Friday                Chris & Rosie Plass

Saturday           Rose Spradley