Christmas Mass Times

Please find the Christmas Mass schedule (and days following) below.

We are very happy to report that we are now open to 25% capacity. The bishop reminds everyone that Christmas is not a day of obligation this year. Those who are nervous about coming to church with other people present or who are in a high risk demographic are encouraged remain at home.

Because of attendance restrictions, we are going to assign Christmas Mass attendance in a similar way to our previous Sundays, with an exception. There will be two groups: 1. those who wish to attend the Nighttime Mass 2. Those who wish to attend Mass during the day. There is no need to call the office or sign up. Just follow the instructions given here.

Attendance will be organized based on the first letter of your last name.

Mass Schedule – Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th

7 am
12 pm

*no assignments for these Masses, confessions will be heard 1/2 hour before those Masses

Christmas Mass Schedule

For those who wish to go to a Nighttime Mass on Christmas:

10 pm (this is an early ‘Midnight Mass’ on the 24th) Last names begin with A – N
12 amLast names begin with O -Z
**While there is a curfew in El Paso, I have been told by the Police Department that Religious services are protected under the 1st Amendment. If someone is stopped to or from church, tell the officer that you were at church and this should suffice.

For those who wish to go to a day Mass on Christmas:

8 amLast name begins with A – G
10 amLast name begins with H – M
12 pmLast name begins with N -S
2 pmLast name begins with T – Z

*Confessions are not scheduled before the Christmas Masses

Mass Schedule for St. Stephen’s Day (26th) and Sunday (27th)

Feast of St. Stephen (Dec.26)

Mass Schedule:

7:30 am
9 am
*Confessions will be heard 1/2 hour before each Mass

Sunday the 27th

We will resume our the schedule adopted before this recent shut-down.
Please click here to find Mass times and assignments

*On this day, which is also the Feast of St. John the Evangelist, the priests will do the traditional blessing of wine after each Mass. Please bring unopened bottles to the communion rail after the Last Gospel if you wish to have wine blessed.