Operation “Good Neighbor”

The Immaculate Conception Knights of Columbus have begun an initiative to support our first responders during these difficult times. Grand Knight Joe Smith describes ‘Operation “Good Neighbor”‘ and asks for support:

The Challenge

I’d like to introduce you to the program our Knights of Columbus Council 16041 has begun.  As we observed this year of 2020 and all the associated sources of trouble, anxiety, unrest, and the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, we were at a loss on how we could help our community.  This was complicated by many restrictions imposed by our civil authorities on our community in an attempt to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Any charitable program we considered involved activities that either might go against our civil authorities or go against good sense, considering there is a real risk of contracting the virus and very possibly spreading it to others.  

The Link

Then we came up with an idea of linking two pieces of our community together in a way we could show our support and give a helping hand.  We all saw locally owned restaurants struggling.  They were doing their best to keep their business out of bankruptcy and some failed.  We felt so helpless.  And our health care workers all have to deal with the pandemic of COVID-19 either treating or testing patients.  They must fear contracting the virus and/or inadvertently bringing it home to their family.  Our first responders face the potential of dealing with social unrest or exposure to the virus.  We devised a way to serve both in one way.  Why not buy food from these many struggling restaurants and take it to those serving our community in such a brave way?  

Get Involved

To work this out, we started a go-fund-me page to raise funds from our Parish and community to buy the food and the Knights of Columbus would do the leg work and deliver to hospitals and police headquarters.  We are beginning to circulate the program’s details in the community and have received funds that have helped get us started.  We are trying to find more of those out there that are financially able (even allowing for such a difficult period for many) so that we can expand these operations and touch more in our community.  The Knights of Columbus Council 16041 of Immaculate Conception in El Paso thank you greatly for your support and prayers.

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