A Blessed Feast of All Saints to All!

A Plenary Indulge may be gained by the faithful and applied exclusively for souls in Purgatory by:
1. devoutly visiting a cemetery and, even if only mentally, praying for the faithful departed [Note: one plenary indulgence for each day, if the usual conditions are met] OR
2. on the day of Commemoration of All Faithful Departed [November 2] (or, according to the Ordinary, on the preceding or subsequent Sunday, or on the day of the solemnity of All Saints) piously visit a church or oratory and there recite the Pater and the Credo.  [Unfortunately, for most people in El Paso, this will not a viable option]

**Note that by a special dispensation by the Apostolic Penitentiary, this Indulgence may be gained on any day of November (up to a total of eight), not only from the 1st to the 8th of the month consecutively

Mass Intentions for the week of Nov. 1 – 7
Fr. O’Neill  Mass intentions                                 

Sunday               Pro Populo        
Monday               Poor Souls – Pro Patria – Pro Papa

Tuesday              Special  Intention

Wednesday       Brian O’Neill

Thursday           Brian  O’Neill

Friday               Stefan Johnson

Saturday             Cesar Rios Sr.

 Fr. Vierno Mass Intentions

Sunday             Alicia Melero               

Monday             Special  Intention

Tuesday             Alex Melero

Wednesday      Elizabeth Branham

Thursday           Delia  E. Pedraza

Friday                 Rose Tarin

Saturday            Lucy Lopez 

Fr. Vierno will be away from IC beginning on Tuesday the 3rd of November to return the following week